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  • Karen Lombardo Dawson
    General Manager

    Karen Lombardo Dawson has been our General Manager since November 1, 2017. Prior to joining our team, Karen worked for BMW Financial Services for over ten years. She often says that she grew up in the automotive industry- as she was 20 years old when she first started working for BMW. Karen's experience in and knowledge of all facets of the BMW brand and its financing source coupled with her passion for putting a smile on the face of every guest that walks in our dealership has made her the perfect leader for our team. Karen was named one of Automotive News' Top 40 under 40 in 2017, an incredible honor for a General Manager to receive. 

    Karen is originally from Columbus, Ohio where she first joined the BMW Financial Services team; her career with BMW has also taken her to positions in Woodcliff Lake, NJ and Baton Rouge, LA. 

    Karen and Larry now live in Collierville with their Weimaraner, Cali. She is excited to have found such a wonderful place as Memphis to put down roots. In her spare time she loves to run, watch sports, cook, and try all Memphis' restaurants, from fine dining to dive bars to barbecue joints. One of her business idols and role models is Walt Disney, who provided Karen with inspiration when he said her favorite words of wisdom, "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."

     Karen loves to speak with all of our clients to hear positive experiences or constructive criticism. Her email address is

  • Ashley Vollmar
    MINI Motoring Advisor
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6742

    Ashley is our resident MINI guru. She has worked at Roadshow since 2011, and has won MINI Salesman of the Year every year since moving over to sales. She loves to hang out by her pool with her new husband, who also works here at Roadshow. Her goal for Roadshow is to get more people behind the wheel of a MINI!

  • Barron Harwood
    Finance Manager
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6837

    Barron, or "Big Sauce", started as a Client Advisor in early 2019, but moved to Finance Manager in October 2020. Since starting in early 2019, he has become a part of the family. He's been in the car business since 2017, and his goal has always been to give everyone an equal opportunity to drive their dream vehicle. In his free time, he loves to hang out with his wife and daughter, go to car shows, ride his Harley, and cook some mean mac n cheese. 

  • Jermaine Cook
    Finance Manager
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6737

    Jermaine joined the Roadshow family as a Client Advisor in August of 201, but moved over to Finance Manager in August 2020. He moved here from California to be closer to family. He has really enjoyed getting to know all of the different personalities here, and has gained a new found passion for the BMW brand. He prides himself on being a "foodie", and can't get enough of the classic Memphis cuisine. On his off days, you'll find him hanging out with his three nephews at the zoo or the movies!

  • Marcus Cooper
    Client Advisor
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6754

    Marcus is one of our youngest and newest additions to the sales team. He started off at Roadshow in 2018 as a BMW Genius, but quickly moved over to Client Advisor at the beginning of 2019. He has a deep passion for the BMW brand, and loves driving his 2016 BMW 435i ZHP edition. You can always hear him coming! He loves working for Roadshow because the staff feels like family.  When he's not selling, you can find him working on cars, playing soccer or music, and most definitely eating Chic-fil-A. 

  • Matt Andahl
    MINI Motoring Advisor
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6836

    Matt is our MINI "jack of all trades". He has been with Roadshow since 2008. In the years since, he's been a Master Technician for 7, Service Advisor for 2, and then he moved over to a sales/service split role in 2017. He's very passionate about MINI, and even drives a Countryman! In his free time, you can catch him watching sports, especially the New England Patriots. He's a HUGE Tom Brady fan. 

  • Anthony Winfield
    Client Advisor
    901-365-2584 Ext. 6893

    Anthony, better known as "Big Six", has worked at Roadshow since 2006. He has been Used Car Salesman almost every month since, and has won Used Car Salesman of the Year the past 3 years! He is a dedicated, hard working member of our team, and if you are looking for him, you will most likely find him walking around the showroom, talking to his customers on his Bluetooth… even on his day off! When he's not working 6 days a week, he's either vacationing in the Poconos, enjoying a nice glass of wine, or both! 

  • Brittany Sigurdson
    BDC Coordinator
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6791

    Brittany has been with Roadshow since 2012. In her time here, she has been a star in our service, loaner, and sales departments. She has her Associate's in Business Administration, and serves as our Social Media Manager. She is one of the most kind and thoughtful coworkers, and is always surprising her team with treats or decorating their office for their birthday. When she's not at work, she's at home with her two dogs Cooper and Vera, and is super excited that her and her husband Willie are new parents!

  • Sarah Foster
    BMW Genius
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6826

    Sarah has been a BMW Genius since April 2016. She has worked in the technology field all of her adult life, from her getting her marketing degree to her time on the Geek Squad at Best Buy. Her favorite part about being a Genius at Roadshow, is giving customers their "WOW" moment. When she's not wowing our customers, she's spending time with her dogs Freya and Isys (check them out on Facebook), crocheting, and making gourmet dog treats. 

  • Tommy Roberson
    Client Adviser
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6738

    Tommy started at Roadshow in 2018 as a Service Porter, he was then promoted to a Genius in March 2019, and became a Client Adviser in May 2020. He says that his favorite part of working here is learning every aspect of the vehicles and BMW brand. You will almost always see Tommy with a big smile on his face, rocking his BMW gear. Outside of work, he's a huge Steelers fan, always playing basketball, and loves spending time with his dog Klassy. 

  • Vera Grey
    BDC Coordinator
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6868

    Vera started at Roadshow in the BDC in November 2018. Before working here, she was in the retail and hospitality industry. She has really loved learning all about the car business because there's something new every day! Her goal is to learn as much as she can about the brand and business, so she can guarantee every customer's satisfaction. You will always find her with a smile on her face. In her free time, you can find her out and about in midtown, training for her first 5k, hanging with friends, and trying new places to eat.

  • Wesley Montague
    Client Advisor
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6846

    Wesley Ward Montague started as a Client Advisor in December of 2019. For the last 15 years Wesley has traveled North America as a national accounts manager for the transportation industry working on damage prevention and reducing freight claims by rail, road and sea. He is a graduate of the University of Memphis with a degree in business communications.

    Recently moving back to his home town of Memphis to be closer to family and keep himself more grounded, Wesley decided to take a break from planes and trains and focus on automobiles. Wesley wanted to buy his wife the finest automobile money could buy so he decided to come and work for it at Roadshow BMW.

    In his spare time he is working on an app and software program based on his years experience in his previous industry. He loves having a microphone in his hand and writing songs on his guitar. Recently married, Wesley loves spending time with his beautiful wife Licha and his dog Elvis.

    Wesley feels blessed to be in a setting where he can connect with new people and with the community he holds so dear.

  • Will Johnson
    Client Advisor
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6792

    Will started at Roadshow in November 2019. Before getting his start in the car industry, he studied exercise science and nutrition, and he worked as a fitness director.  His favorite part about working at Roadshow has been meeting different types of people from different walks of life, and he really enjoys watching his customers drive off in their dream car!  Fun fact about Will.. he loves to exercise, and he consumes over 5,000 calories per day!

  • Rebecca Hughes
    Customer Relationship Specialist
    901-365-2584 EXT 6880

    Becca has been with Roadshow since August of 2013. She started with us as the Loaner Manager, and Internal Service Writer, for 6 years. She has now taken on a new roll this last year joining our sales team as the Customer Relationship Specialist. She is very passionate for the BMW brand, and has cherished getting to learn all aspects of the business. She is a "dance mom", and loves spending time with her daughter and husband.

  • Kevin Galeas
    Client Advisor
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6875

    Kevin joined the Roadshow family in August 2019. Before coming to work here, he was working at a landscaping company. What he enjoys most about the car industry is the amazing people he gets to meet and getting to be around cars 24/7. His favorite part of working at Roadshow is that it feels like a huge family. His goals are to keep moving forward, and making sure he can help every customer love and appreciate their car. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends and watching basketball all day. 

  • Tony Williams
    Client Adviser
    901-365-2584 Ext.6727

    Tony has been in the car business since 2009. What he loves most about selling cars is building friendships with the customers and putting them in a vehicle that they will love and can afford. During his free time, he loves shopping for nice dress clothes and shoes and spoiling his children! 

  • Arath Luevano
    BMW Genius
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6894

    Arath has been with the Roadshow BMW family since September 2020. He started out as a sales porter and recently was promoted to the BMW Genius role. He really enjoys learning about the BMW brand and its amazing performance history and how BMW is striving to continue its unique automobiles. In his free time, you can find him hanging out with his family and enjoying every minute of it.

  • Cory Hale
    Client Adviser
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6834

    Cory joined the Roadshow family in September of 2019. Prior to working here, he was in Pest Control working as a Technician. He loves meeting all of the interesting people in this industry, not to mention being around all of the beautiful cars all day. His favorite thing about Roadshow is making people's dreams come true! In his free time, he enjoys traveling to new places and spending time with all of his family.

  • Michael Surgeon
    Client Adviser
    901-365-2584 ext 6770

    Michael Surgeon or "Surge", started at Roadshow in May of 2021. He has been in the car business since 2013, though. He loves this industry because he enjoys meeting and getting to know people from all different walks of life. His favorite thing about Roadshow is the atmosphere and strong comradery with the team. Fun fact about him... he can laugh without smiling. (Lol) In his free time, he enjoys going to local restaurants and bars, doing different things around town, and watching the sunset downtown. 

  • Chris Ewell
    New Car Sales Manager
    901-365-2584 Ext. 6859

    Chris Ewell has been a part of the Roadshow family since August 2008 and our New Car Sales Manager since November 2014. Originally from Memphis, Chris served in the Navy for 11.5 years, spent some time in Kuwait working for the Kuwait Air Force, then he was part of a Special Marine Unit. He has a deep passion for the brand, and he comes in everyday ready to work because "Everyone deserves to drive a BMW, and it's my job to make that dream come true".  When he's not here running our New Car department, he's at home cooking up a delicious (and nutritious) meal made from his own blend of spices. 

  • Tom Adair
    Client Advisor
    901-365-2584 Ext. 6847

    Tom, or "Team Lead", has been with Roadshow since November 24, 1984. Being one of our Senior Client Advisors, he has established a loyal client base, and he has won Salesman of the Year more times than he can remember. He cherishes being able to mentor the younger staff and help develop their passion.  He also loves being able to treat his colleagues to lunch, and they all consider him one of the more sarcastic members of the team. On his off days, you can find him hanging out with his adorable Granddaughter Claire. 

  • Mohammad Galani
    Client Advisor
    901-365-2584 Ext. 6759

    Galani has been at Roadshow since 2017, and in the car business since 2015. Before that, he worked in the restaurant industry for 18 years! His experience and funny personality help him create a special bond with his customers. He's dedicated to finding the right car for them! If he's not out talking to new customers, he's probably cracking jokes with the staff. He loves to swim in his pool with his children and grand children, and his life motto is "Whatever you do, work hard."  

  • Michael Reynolds
    Client Advisor
    901-365-2584 Ext. 6840

    Michael came to the Roadshow family in 1995 and has been the company's most successful advisor ever since. Michael has had the honor of winning Roadshow's New Car Salesperson of the Year a record twenty times as well as having been recognized by BMW of North America as one of the top client advisors in the country.

    Prior to coming to Roadshow, Michael worked for the medical device division of Eli Lily in product development, training, and sales.

    Michael attended the University of Memphis, Seattle University and the University of Houston and has degrees in biomedical engineering and marketing.

    Michael and his wife are proud supporters of St. Jude, the Mid-South Food Bank, African Parks Network and Sea Shepherd.

    When not at Roadshow assisting clients, Michael enjoys skiing, scuba diving and exploring exotic locales.

  • Bradley Sells
    Sales Manager
    (901) 365-2584 ext. 6865

    Brad is a part of our management team. He started his career in the car industry with Roadshow BMW in 2017, but he has been in the customer service and retail world for 15 years. Since starting here, he has made quite an impression on his coworkers and clients alike. He is always willing to help, and is a great role model for the newer staff. His favorite part about working at Roadshow is getting to work with quality products, meeting different types of people, and taking on a wide variety of challenges.