How Do I Track a BMW Custom Order?

If you’ve placed a new BMW custom order, you’re probably eager to follow the status of your build and learn the estimated delivery date of your new car. If so, you’re not alone -- with so many of our customers now choosing to order a new car, we’re constantly asked about how to track a BMW factory order. To illustrate exactly how to find and review the status of your order, our BMW dealership in Memphis has put together this handy, helpful guide that will walk you through each step of the process.

Sign Up for My BMW and Track Your Order Online

The first step you’ll need to take once you submit a BMW custom order is to open a My BMW account. This free, online portal is an excellent source for all new BMW owners, and among its many perks and features is the ability to closely monitor the progress of your order. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to navigate to the Garage menu and enter either the assigned VIN or production number to pinpoint your particular order. Your new BMW will then be added to the ‘My Vehicles’ section of the Garage menu.

Once your build is added to the ‘My Vehicles’ page, you’ll see an option to Track Status. Clicking on this link will bring up an entire timeline that begins with the moment the order is received. You’ll be able to use this page to monitor your build as it moves through the various stages of manufacture -- from initially entering the production queue to passing through the paint booth to its final quality check. The online tracker breaks the process down into a total of 16 steps, leaving no room for ambiguity as to the status of your build. In order, they are:

  • Order Received
  • Scheduled for Production
  • Production Begins
  • Exterior Body Assembly Begins
  • In the Paint Booth
  • Entering Assembly Line
  • Assembly in Progress
  • Quality Check
  • Final Assembly
  • Ready for Transport
  • Awaiting Carrier Assignment
  • Dispatched from the Factory
  • At the Port
  • In Transit
  • Delivered to Dealership
  • Vehicle Delivered